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Advantages of using  Pharem´s enzyme technology

Pharem develops products and system solutions to address a wide range of organic micro pollutant in different water environment. By applying our unique water-treatment platform technology at the source of contamination, households, industries and municipals, can contribute to a more sustainable water environment

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Treating organic micro pollutants from water sources

Water is a resource that we are passionated about. The source of pollution to our water streams comes from different activities that the society is dependent of. We target municipal wastewater treatment facilities,  industries and society as a whole such as households, offices and other facilities.

Products and solutions for everyone

Pharem have developed products and system solutions to adress a wide range of organic micro pollutant in different water environments. By applying our platform technology where it is needed municipals, industries and regular households can start contributing by simple means.

Removal of organic micro pollutants at municipal wastewater treatment facilities

Our treatment systems for the municipal wastewater treatment plants comes with no investment costs, plug-and-play installations for any sized plant, full service solutions and lowest operational costs. All future performance upgrades are applied on all installations simultaneously.

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Cost saving industry applications for treatment of problematic organic pollutants

Tailored treatment systems for the industries in need of treating upstream or downstream water processes. The investment in the technology adaption is regained almost instantly from the cost savings from using highly advance enzyme technology.

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Smart household products for removal of pharmaceutical residues via any facility

80 % of all pharmaceutical residues that end up in nature comes from consumption of medicines. We created pCure by applying our advanced enzyme technology to household products. Any household, business or other facilities can contribute by using pCure products.

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Awards and recognitions

Through innovation and product development, Pharem have received several awards and recognitions.

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