Pharem Biotech has been granted 2,4 MSEK funding from Vinnova: Testbäddar för Miljöteknik

We are very excited to announce that Vinnova has granted Pharem 2,4 MSEK funding for their testbed in environmental technology (Testbäddar för miljöteknik). As part of the government’s environmental technology strategy, Vinnova is committed to developing testbeds in these technology. The aim is to create more competitive companies, sustainable growth, increased exports and more jobs based on Swedish environmental technology.

The funding from Vinnova is a continuation of the previous project “Förstudie: Bioteknisk filtrering av läkemedel i reningsverk”. This enables Pharem to move forward with the scaling up of tests for Pharem Filtration System (PFS) in collaboration with The Swedish Environmental Institute (IVL) in a large wastewater treatment facility serving the City of Stockholm. The company’s enzyme technology has in recent years been further developed and includes the addition of the immobilization of enzymes on filter columns for use in water processes.

The project provides for large scale, real-time testing of PFS for wastewater treatment, using the enzymatic innovations pioneered by Pharem and their application in removing pharmaceutical residues and other organic pollutants from receiving waters.

After testing is completed, Pharem plans to launch PFS in both the Swedish and European markets with global aspirations. The company is committed to offer this effective and cost-efficient system for use in wastewater treatment facilities to provide affordable and adaptable water sustainability to society at large.

For more information about the project, please visit “Pharem Filtration System för rening av organiska miljögifter”

For more information about Vinnova and their governmental programs, please visit their homepage

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