Pharem Biotech´s CEO, Martin Ryen, receives the SKAPA Utvecklingsstipendium

Martin Ryen receives the SKAPA-stipend for the Uppsala region for his innovation of an enzyme based filter to remove pharmaceutical residues in sewage treatment plants.

Motivation: Martin Ryen has, together with Pharem Biotech AB, developed a cost-effective filtration system for sewage treatment plants. The filtration system based on enzymatic degradation of pharmaceutical residues and organic pollutants, that could otherwise cause environmental damage with the potential to cause neural defects and antibiotic resistance. The product is expected to have great commercial potential, especially if regulation is implemented within the EU.

It is a great honor for Pharem to receive the innovation prize from SKAPA in the memory of Alfred Nobel. Pharem has great expectations for the further development of this technology and its commercialization, and to create new products based on the enzymatic technology developed within the company. Pharem will always direct its efforts toward simple and effective solutions as its vision to the path in combating the many environmental challenges that stand before us.

For more infomration about SKAPA visit their homepage and if you are interested to read more about others who recieved the award with Martin, you can find that here

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