Promising conclusion to pCure’s pilot project at the Akademiska Sjukhuset

This autumn, Pharem Biotech has been conducting a pilot project together with Akademiska Sjukhuset in Uppsala along with Uppsala University to evaluate the effect of PCure in a hospital environment. Pharem would like to thank all the collaborators for a successful and engaging climate throughout this project and for making it possible to test PCure in a veritable environment in a hospital setting.

pCure is an enzymatic toilet rim block, it has the ability to reduce the amount of pharmaceutical residues emitted from patients and subsequently released into the sewage though the hospital’s toilets. The residual medicines emitted from inpatients are degraded directly at their source in the toilet and contribute to reduction in the total volume of measured contaminants in the sewerage.

The selected targeted substances for this pilot study have been; trimethoprim, diclofenac, doxycycline, ciprofloxacin and metoprolol, during the study tramadol was also added. The projected goal of the test was to reach 30-50% degradation of these substances. The trials were in patient rooms, all connected to a single sewage line in order to control of the in-flow and out-flow of the evaluated sewage. The trials were carried out over a 6-week period alternating with and without PCure. The hospital personnel took care of daily routines and recorded the dosing and administration of pharmaceuticals consumed. We wish to thank all of the hospital staff for their dedication and contribution to the project..

The inital project has delivered  results exceeding expectations and granted a strong foundation on which to further develop and commercialize the PCure product. The Akademiska Sjukhuset has chosen to extend the project and to install PCure on a much larger scale, which will generate in a report. The plans for this implementation is due in 2017.

Please read through the compilation of how the project was conducted. We look forward to sharing reports from the large scale implementation.

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