Pharem Biotech is awarded the Sustainable Healthcare Innovation of the Year

After several years of innovation and development it is with a sense of pride that Pharem Biotech in collaboration with Akademiska Sjukhuset has accepted the 2017 Sustainable Healthcare Innovation of the Year Award presented by the Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare.

It is a humbling honour to be recognized for pCure, a product which actively and vastly reduces the input of active pharmaceutical compounds (API’s) into our water sources by degrading pharmaceutical residues directly at their point of highest concentration, in the toilet.

The award was granted for the project executed in collaboration with Akademiska Sjukhuset in Uppsala. The project generated in a result which shows that it is possible to produce a simple solution for hospitals to reduce their output of pharmaceuticals into the sewage and itsconsequence for the environment.

As governments and industry advance their sustainability initiatives to not only adhere to more stringent regulations but also to have a positive impact on the environment and to reduce the effects of human activity on our surroundings. Pharem Biotech has taken on the challenges presented by applying its new innovations in enzymatic technology and advancing and leading the way in which we target and address dangerous organic compounds in both industrial and household waste.

As a company, Pharem Biotech endeavours to continually improve our innovations and development towards wastewater with our platform technology for highly specialized and customized applications to advance sustainability and the protection and purification of aquatic environments.

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