PFS Industry: Ready for installation

Pharem has through their continous development around immobilisation of enzymes on a filter matrix, and in its applications, achieved such a high level of development that it has now accepted contracts with private industry to address their process water purification needs.

This is regarded as a very important milestone in the company where PFS Industry enzymatic filtration system is now officially available for the process industry, targeting un-wanted organic compounds in effluents.

The challenges presented by organic compounds found in process water created by industrial manufacturing are magnified by the high concentration, number of constituents and the overall environment of the water in which they rest. PFS Industry can apply and tailor its advanced filtration system containing immobilized enzymes to target organic compounds identified by our customers, providing a safe and effective rate of degradation up to 99%.

PFS Industry is a made to order, scalable enzymatic filtration system that uses net zero energy to perform. The installation cost is very low, when compared to other technologies or off-site water disposal/destruction, and was developed with sustainability in mind. Due to its highly customized applicability and compact size, it can be used across many industries offering a viable solution to the very difficult issue of waste production as it enables industries to meet their sustainability targets.

For further information about PFS Industry we recommend reading more about the application at the product page: Wastewater 

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