Martin Ryen, CEO of Pharem Biotech presenting at Smart Cities Asia

Cities are growing big and at an increasing rate and nowhere has this been as present as in Asia. These large cities opens up many possibilities but also put great stress on the surrounding ecosystems. Smart Cities Asia aims to be the intersection between city planning, technology, governance and citizen involvement for enabling solutions to the challenges put on developing sustainable cities.

The conference in Kuala Lumpur involves a segment looking into the challenges of sustainable water management. One of the challenges becoming increasingly prevalent are the problems of pharmaceuticals entering the environment from human consumption. This is of even greater concern in areas with high population density, such as these large cities.

Martin Ryen was invited to talk about the rising challenge of pharmaceuticals in wastewater and how he and Pharem Biotech work on solving this issue. As a promising company on the forefront of innovation they have received acclaim for their technology and funding from Horizon 2020 for the implementation of the new innovation.

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