Pharem participates in project: “Produktionsänglar – ett innovativt koncept för industrialisering och uppskalning”

Together with KTH, Södertälje Science Park and IVA, Pharem has been selected as the pilot case for a new initiative to close the gaps between R&D and production. This strengthens development and production capacity, increases competitiveness and helps retains jobs in Sweden.

The project aims to create a methodical plan to make a difference for SME companies, such as Pharem that require industrialization of new products. A draft proposal for this methodology is being developed to drive the “Produktionsänglar”-concept on a larger scale at Södertälje Science Park. The concept has the potential to be scaled up on a national level as a new component of the Swedish innovation system. The project addresses the strengths of resource-efficient production and integrated product and production development.

Read the full description of the project at Produktionsänglar – ett innovativt koncept för industrialisering och uppskalning

For more information about Vinnova and their governmental programmes visit their homepage

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