Migration to a new homepage and communication channels

During the last few weeks Pharem has started to migrate to a new homepage and communication channels for a better structure in which information, news and projects will be clearly communicated.

Pharem has during the latest months received feedback from the industry that they would like to see additional information about the EU-projects, platform technology and the products that the company has developed. Pharem had so far a conscious strategy of minimizing public information about scientific data connected to intellectual properties and information intended for future journal publications.

As the official launch of pCure Home in Sweden was announced Pharem has also received feedback that certain information is wanted regarding the enzyme technology and the product. All information will be added in time and Pharem has added additional resources to meet the demand.

Following plan is announced for the release of scientific studies and reports.

  • Planned for release in week 3:                                                   Scientific report for pCure
  • Planned for release during coming 3 months:                       Two scientific studies/reports regarding Pharem´s enzyme technology
  • Planned for release during coming 6-12 months:                 2 scientific papers published in journals

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