ISO 14034:2016 Enviromental Technology Verification (ETV)

The information about how a technology or product works, what parameters it is measured on, and in which environment the performance level is defined is an important part of commercialization. Within Pharem, the company is working with several different verification processes for the different product groups. All product groups within Pharem will comply with ISO 14034 in order to prepare and simplify for an international expansion

ISO 14034: 2016 is an international standard that can be considered as a further development of the widely accepted ETV process, which is currently used primarily in the EU and Canada. Sweden, for some reason, have not yet widely applied this on products.

Today, there is no certification body in Sweden that can perform a certification according to the standard, but Pharem is collaborating with leading organizations to establish a plan where they become one of the first companies in Sweden to undergo such a certification.

As the standard is already applied to some of the company processes and implemented according to the requirements, the certification may start as soon as the process have been established. The standard has a well-designed process that provides a transparent model for defining envrionmental products, or technologys, its application areas and performance levels in the relevant test-environments. From this, the product, or technology, claims can effortlessly be dicussed on the international market.

For the enzymatic purification steps for municipal purification plants (PFS), but also for the purification of industrial processes (PFS Industry), there are already well-established verification models, test-sites and environments. In Sweden, for example, there is a unique test facility that is used extensively by all technology owners in water purification. Here, pilot installations have already been installed prior to the PFS demonstration in line with the ongoing EU project. Hammarby Sjöstadsverket is operated and maintained by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.

Together with leading experts within wastewater treatment technologies and analysis, Pharem has also built up a verification process for their household products, which goes under the brand pCure. Learn more about the pCure products on the brand homepage.

pCure facilitate the advanced enzymatic technology that is also used in the treatment steps for PFS but focuses on the release of enzymes to nearby sewers in upstream water processes. The first product versions undergoing this impartially selected verification process is currently ongoing. This is expected to be completed in late December 2018 or early January 2019.

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