Verification process entering its final phase for the upgraded pCure products

The pCure products and the surrounding processes have undergone many changes in order to prepare for the international market and the start of sales early next year. Since the interest of pCure products from the initial sales-start exceeded all expectations some core updates and improvements have been done to the product definition. communication and production.

The planned verification process for the pCure products have initiated its last phase and is ready to be finalized later in December or early next year, January 2019. The result from the verification process will make it easier for customers to identify which pharmaceutical residues that the products have verified effect towards.

The finalization of the verification process for pCure goes in line with the previously strategy set by Pharem to clarify the product definitions, simplify product communication channels and improve production capabilities.(read more)

Pharem have applied their platform technology on products core areas such as industry processes, municipal wastewater treatment facilities and household or household care units. The platform technology, which surrounds enzymatic degradation and focuses mainly on hazardous organic micropollutants.

Both product groups that Pharem have developed, PFS and pCure, facilitate the company platform technology but in two different ways. The PFS modules (enzymatic treatment of wastewater) uses an immobilizing technology to attach enzymes to a carrier which is then applied to different wastewater processes. The demonstration of PFS for municipal wastewater treatment plants is planned in Sweden, Netherlands and Malaysia under the ongoing EU-Project.

(Note: Pharem have not yet certified their product according to ISO14034:2016 due to the fact that no organization in Sweden is accredited to do so. Pharem still adhere to the standard requirements and collaborates with leading companies on the matter with the goal to be the first company certifying their product(s) in Sweden)


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