Pharem Biotech continues to attract international attention

The water treatment technology, Pharem Filtration System (PFS), has been selected in hard competition by the Dutch knowledge centre STOWA*. The organisation is jointly owned by the regional water managers in the country and will evaluate the system that have been developed towards municipal wastewater treatment plants (WWTP)

PFS uses a new kind of water treatment technology for the removal of organic micro-pollutants in outgoing water from wastewater treatment plants. Enzymes are developed and adapted for the water environment and the hazardous substances. These enzymes are later immobilised to a filter material and added to, for example, a column solution on the wastewater treatment plant. PFS do not require energy to be fully functional since the enzyme catalysis work without adding energy. The technology base provides a flexible and cost-effective system that, from the outset, can compete with other established technologies. PFS systems are offered at no cost, where the operational cost of the wastewater treatment plant is only connected to the filter material which is delivered and replaced at regular intervals.

– We are of course extremely proud that our technology receives so much attention on the international market. The challenge with organic micro-pollutants in wastewater is a global concern and we need to establish and make flexible technologies available so that more plants can make use of them, says Martin Ryen, CEO, Pharem Biotech

The evaluation will be conducted by the British consulting firm Isle Utilities. The company consist of highly trained engineers and researchers with the task to identify, install and learn about technologies that show great flexibility and future potential. During the first phase of the project, information will be retrieved from the various technologies selected in the project. In May, Isle Utilities visited Pharem’s head office in Södertälje for a start-up meeting and initial discussion, as well as the PFS stress test facility at Hammarby Sjödstadsverk.

– Pharem is an exciting player in wastewater treatment of organic micropollutants, which is a major environmental challenge. Not least because they use the very latest advances in biotechnology to remove micro-pollutants. We at Isle Utilities are convinced that Pharem has the required knowledge and the results look very promising, says Peter Wessels, technical consultant at Isle Utilities.

* STOWA is a knowledge center for the regional water managers (mostly this is the Dutch water authorities) in the Netherlands. Its task is to develop, collect, distribute and implement applied knowledge that water managers need in order to adequately perform the tasks that their work requires. This expertise covers applied technical, research, administrative legal or socialsciences.


  • Christian Ryen, COO, Pharem Biotech AB: +46 (0) 70 25 68 414
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