Pharem Biotech initiates collaboration with the cleantech company, Malmberg

The aim of the collaboration between the two companies is to extend the existing technology range for treatment of organic micro-pollutants through Pharem´s modern enzyme technology. The joint focus will primarily be towards wastewater treatment plants (WWTP:s) on the Nordic market.

Together, Pharem and Malmberg will install and operate the Pharem Filtration System, PFS, on several selected WWTP:s in the Nordic region. Business focus will initially be on the Swedish market but will expand to the neighbouring countries. The technology is based on enzymes that are developed and adapted to remove organic micro pollutants, such as pharmaceutical residues, from the outgoing water from WWTP:s. Unique to PFS is that it requires no energy to be fully functional since enzymes act without need for adding energy.

“Cooperating with Malmberg gives us access to all their valuable knowledge about installation and service. This gives both parties a unique opportunity to further establishing us on the market for treatment of organic micropollutants. Pharem’s treatment solutions attracts a lot of interest in the Nordics, but also internationally, and cooperating with already established organisations comes without saying. It is also important to find partners, such as Malmberg, who share our goal of making it sustainable for as many as possible to contribute to reducing the emissions of organic micropollutants”, says Christian Ryen, COO, Pharem Biotech AB.

Malmberg is a Swedish cleantech company with complete solutions in the fields of water treatment, biogas, geothermal energy and drilling. Head office and manufacturing are in Åhus near Kristianstad. Malmberg is a family business since 1866 and operates for a better environment under the motto “Clean energy. Clean water.”

“Malmberg’s strategic collaboration with Pharem is in line with our investments in treatment of pharmaceutical residues, other organic micropollutants and microplastics. We currently have both pilot and full-scale plants to reduce pharmaceutical residues where active carbon or ozone is a supporting technology. Pharem’s solution based on enzymes is very interesting and complements our offering to our customers when it comes to pharmaceutical residues. All three technologies have their advantages and can even be combined depending on water quality, size, land availability and expected separation”, says Carl-Johan Legetth, Business Area Manager Malmberg Water Treatment.

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