Pharem becomes business partners to WaterAid

In connection with the launch of the product pCure on the European market, a partnership with WaterAid is initiated. The purpose of the partnership is that the sales of the company’s products will increase the access to clean water in the world’s most vulnerable areas. For each product sold, an amount is donated to WaterAid’s important work.

Pharem’s researchers have developed a method to use the natural process of enzymes to break down organic substances and target it towards medicine residues in demanding aquatic environments. The company’s operations continue to grow and today include solutions for municipal treatment plants, industries and now also consumers with the product pCure.

– “Water is a vital resource and the continued pollution of our water sources from the discharge of medicine residues and similar environmental toxins affects drinking water, wildlife and crops. No product or technology solves the whole problem and it is therefore important to develop solutions that make it easy for more people to contribute and approach a more sustainable society. pCure is one solution and reduces the amount of drug residues already in the nearby sewers. The collaboration with WaterAid is very exciting and a good combination with pCure. With pCure, you can help improve the local aquatic environment while helping to provide the world’s most vulnerable areas with clean water. Act locally, contribute globally.” Says Martin Ryen, CEO, Pharem

The partnership between Pharem and WaterAid includes, initially, the sale of pCure within the EU countries. The products are installed in the toilet where they release the enzymes to the nearby sewers, which actively acts against targeted medicine residues.

WaterAid is an international organization that works for a world where all people have access to clean water and sanitation. WaterAid collaborates with local partners for sustainable and long-term solutions, and influences decision-makers to increase efforts nationally and globally for these basic needs.

– “At the current rate, it will take until 2060 before everyone everywhere in the world has access to clean water. We must take care of our water; it is the most precious and most basic resource we have. WaterAid’s collaboration with Pharem on pCure contributes both to taking care of our water in Europe, and to reaching some of the most vulnerable people in the world with access to clean water. A fantastic example of a collaboration that creates change and takes us one step closer to a world where everyone everywhere has access to clean water” says Thomas Rebermark, Head of Corporate Partnerships, WaterAid Sweden.

WaterAid works in 34 countries and since 1981 the organisation has reached over 28 million people with access to clean water and over 28 million people with access to sanitation. Visit for more information.

Contact Petter Gustafsson, pressekreterare WaterAid Sverige,, +4672 85 85 851 for more infromation about WaterAid.

Information about pCure can be found on the product’s digital platform;

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