Pharem creates pCure AB

Since its launch a few months ago, pCure has had steadily increased sales growth and interest. Pharem´s owners have therefore decided to place the brand, and IP, in its own company. The new company is in line with the ongoing strategy to simplify the interaction between different Pharem products. The strategy will pave the way for new possibilities for the pCure brand as well as open up for initiating dialogue with partners and investors with a specific interest in pCure.

Pharem is a world-leading company specialised in identifying naturally based solutions for the most complex organic pollutants produced by modern industry. The research has been utilised in several products and been brought to market in mainly two different applications. PFS uses enzymes for water treatment in industrial and municipal wastewater. pCure is a household product utilising part of the technology to remove medicinal residues from household sewage. pCure has been available on the market since late autumn and developed with a strong international focus (according to ISO 14034). This enables an easy-to-use product for consumers to reduce medicinal residues reaching Nature from their households or workplaces.

-“Things has gone very fast in just a few months. The number of collaborators for pCure is rapidly growing, and sales are steadily increasing. The simple application, in combination with environmental benefits, is a winning concept. We want to give the best opportunities for pCure as a growing brand of products and therefore decided to create a separate company for the product. By doing this, we can focus resources on pCure without it being affected by other initiatives going on in Pharem’s portfolio. We also want to make it easier, and offer a more attractive evaluation, for new partners and investors that have a specific interest in the pCure product line.” Says Martin Ryen, CEO at Pharem.

Initially, the company will continue to grow the market exposure and sales. A certain focus will be on the European market, but several discussions are in the pipeline for establishment in other international markets.

The new company is looking to strengthen the business by initiating additional dialogues with both strategic partnerships and potential investors.

More information about pCure is available on the brand platform; https://www.pcure.sehttps://help.pcure.se and

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