Lonza Solutions orders Zymatic project from Pharem

Lonza Solutions and Pharem Biotech have started a new water treatment project together. Using Zymatic, Pharem’s enzymatic treatment technology, the treatment step will be tailored to target and treat various organic compounds in one or more selected process streams.

Zymatic is a treatment technology which uses enzymatic catalysts for cost-effective treatment of challenging organic substances in various aquatic environments. This includes process water from the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Zymatic enables tailor-made water treatment based on customers’ wishes and needs. The INDUSTRY solutions are a completely flexible water treatment solution that creates a tailored version of the zymatic sand (enzymes immobilized on a sand-like material). These tailored solutions can be designed to improve the overall performance of the process or stream and are used to break down or transform unwanted organic compounds, increase biodegradability, reduce existing emission levels to increase production and much more.

– We are very happy that Lonza Solutions chooses to work with us. This confirms the interest in our cell-free enzyme treatment technology. Zymatic can be used for various reasons and together with the project team at Lonza Solutions we have identified some streams where our technology can be applied. We have just started the project and are now focusing on developing the process.”, Maria Humble, CTO of Pharem Biotech

Lonza Solutions AG is a multinational company providing product development services to the pharmaceutical and biological industries, including organic, fine and performance chemicals, custom manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals, chemical synthesis, detection systems and other services for the bioscience sector.

More information is available at https://www.zymatic.com/industry

Contact: Christian Ryen, COO at Pharem Biotech AB:
E-mail: christian@pharem.se
Phone: +46 (0) 70 256 84 14

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