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Passion for Water Sustainability

Water is essential for life and its quality affects wildlife, our food sources and the human health. The constant pollution of our waters from pharmaceutical residues or other harmful organic substances are directly connected to many of the most severe environmental and sustainability issues raised by international organizations today. These areas usually require impractical and expensive solutions and prevent the progress of improvement.

The need for finding simple and cost-effective solutions to solve complex issues concerning water pollution is evident.

To solve these challenges, Pharem brings a unique technology and new solutions to the market. Our solutions offers simple and cost-effective applications with high efficiency and safe implementation. With the disruptive products and an active market we look brightly on a future where we can be part of building a more sustainable society.

Our Story

Pharem Biotech is a clean tech company that was founded 2013 in Uppsala, Sweden. We have since established ourselves as an innovative company within the fields of water treatment and biotechnology. The company operates mainly from its headquarters located in Södertälje, where most of the product development takes place.

By utilizing the broad biotechnology expertise and in depth knowledge about water treatment Pharem´s mission is to develop efficient water treatment solutions. The applications provide effective means of removing hazardous organic pollutants in water environments. The platform technology allows great flexibility to meet client needs for simple, effective solutions to tackle serious environmental issues within their operational scope.

Through close, ongoing collaboration with stakeholders, we are constantly working toward exceeding expectations on the international market. We  provide safe, innovative, and cost-efficient products to counteract the impact organic pollutants have on the environment.

Awards and recognitions

Through innovation and product development, Pharem have received several awards and recognitions.

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