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A project oriented approach

All industry application are tailored to the specific requirements of the targeted installation. Early in the process information is gathered about the unwanted organic compounds, water profile (pH, temp etc.), site prerequisites and much more.

Water sampling

Sample analysis

Determine enzyme activity

System optimization

On-site installation

PFS Industry adapts the treatment system technology using the enzymatic activity to target unwanted organic pollutants in industry effluents. It is customized to effectively reduce targeted industrial wastewater contaminants.

The system is an adaptable and specialized modular unit, easily installed with the lowest market costs.

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PFS Industry combines protein immobilization and specialized, targeted enzyme activity designed as an all-encompassing system application for a complete solution for industrial wastewater. Once installed, the water is distributed through single or multiple chambers charged with a sand-like filter material containing immobilized active enzymes to remove unwanted and targeted organic compounds.

PFS Industry is designed to scale up or down to fit any size of process and installation. The system itself does not require any more retention time for the water than the time it takes for it to flow through the columns and therefore offers a solution that is up to 10 times smaller than the mechanisms used by current water treatment solutions. Each filter chamber can be individually controlled to regulate process water flowrate if required.

The enzymes immobilized on the filter material are specifically designed to work in the often harsh environment created in manufacturing processes. They are developed to target all identified organic compounds. If several compounds are identified for removal, a composition of multiple enzymes can be developed for symbiotically removal of the compounds.

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