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Zymatic chosen to participate in an international wastewater treatment project

Zymatic has been invited to participate in the international project “Green Ultrafiltration Water Cleaning Technologies”. The project will investigate various technologies and combination of technologies for treatment of contaminants of emerging concern (CECs). The focus [...]

Pharem launches the Zymatic brand after completing the Horizon EU 2020 project

The Horizon 2020 project (called PFS), which represented Pharem’s wastewater treatment technology, has been completed with all key objectives achieved. The focus of the project was to demonstrate and validate the capacity of the enzyme [...]

Pharem creates pCure AB

Since its launch a few months ago, pCure has had steadily increased sales growth and interest. Pharem´s owners have therefore decided to place the brand, and IP, in its own company. The new company is [...]

Pharem becomes business partners to WaterAid

In connection with the launch of the product pCure on the European market, a partnership with WaterAid is initiated. The purpose of the partnership is that the sales of the company's products will increase the [...]

Pharem enters the final phase in the EU-project for the water treatment technology, PFS

The EU-project regarding Pharem´s water treatment technology (PFS) enters a new phase. During the coming weeks Pharem, together with its project partners, will install and start-up one of the demonstration systems in Sweden. During the [...]

Official Statement: Positive results by toilet rim block in large scale hospital environment

Pharem Biotech has published an official statement regarding a large scale hospital project, involving one of our household products. The misleading reporting, argumentation and communication of the product having no effect have been thoroughly investigated and [...]

Pharem Biotech initiates collaboration with the cleantech company, Malmberg

The aim of the collaboration between the two companies is to extend the existing technology range for treatment of organic micro-pollutants through Pharem´s modern enzyme technology. The joint focus will primarily be towards wastewater treatment [...]

Pharem Biotech continues to attract international attention

The water treatment technology, Pharem Filtration System (PFS), has been selected in hard competition by the Dutch knowledge centre STOWA*. The organisation is jointly owned by the regional water managers in the country and will [...]

Verification process entering its final phase for the upgraded pCure products

The pCure products and the surrounding processes have undergone many changes in order to prepare for the international market and the start of sales early next year. Since the interest of pCure products from the [...]

CirInk – Ökad resurseffektivitet genom cirkulär ekonomi

Vi är glada över att meddela att Pharem kommer att delta i projektet CirInk tillsammans med RISE , Swerea and VCC Tarkett AB. Cirkulär ekonomi (CE) kan minska negativa miljöpåverkan av ökad ekonomisk tillväxt genom effektivare [...]

ISO 14034:2016 Enviromental Technology Verification (ETV)

The information about how a technology or product works, what parameters it is measured on, and in which environment the performance level is defined is an important part of commercialization. Within Pharem, the company is [...]

PFS Demonstration project: SME Instruments (Horizon 2020)

The EU-funded project demonstrating Pharems filtermodules for degradation of organic micropollutants in wastewater treatment plants using enzymatic activity, progresses to scale up stress tests in the pilot facility at Hammarby Sjöstadsverket. The initial tests focus [...]

Försäljningen av pCure planeras att återupptas under året

Pharem Biotech utvecklar nu informationen och kommunikationen kring pCure och planerar att återuppta försäljningen av produkten senare under året. Bland annat ska fokus ligga på att förtydliga produktdefinitionen där det till exempel blir en tydligare [...]

Migration to a new homepage and communication channels

During the last few weeks Pharem has started to migrate to a new homepage and communication channels for a better structure in which information, news and projects will be clearly communicated. Pharem has during the [...]

Pharem has been granted EU-funding – Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase II

We are excited to announce that Pharem has been granted EU funding. While passing the parameters of Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase II the company has been granted € 2M for the installation of PFS [...]

Pharem lanserar pCure Home tillsammans med Apoteket!

pCure lanseras på Apoteket över hela landet. pCure är ett toalettblock som bryter ned miljöfarliga läkemedelsrester som kommer ut via urin och avföring och gör det möjligt för alla att bidra till en bättre miljö [...]

Pharem participates in project: “Produktionsänglar – ett innovativt koncept för industrialisering och uppskalning”

Together with KTH, Södertälje Science Park and IVA, Pharem has been selected as the pilot case for a new initiative to close the gaps between R&D and production. This strengthens development and production capacity, increases [...]

Martin Ryen, CEO of Pharem Biotech presenting at Smart Cities Asia

Cities are growing big and at an increasing rate and nowhere has this been as present as in Asia. These large cities opens up many possibilities but also put great stress on the surrounding ecosystems. [...]

PFS Industry: Ready for installation

Pharem has through their continous development around immobilisation of enzymes on a filter matrix, and in its applications, achieved such a high level of development that it has now accepted contracts with private industry to [...]

Pharem Biotech is awarded the Sustainable Healthcare Innovation of the Year

After several years of innovation and development it is with a sense of pride that Pharem Biotech in collaboration with Akademiska Sjukhuset has accepted the 2017 Sustainable Healthcare Innovation of the Year Award presented by [...]

Promising conclusion to pCure’s pilot project at the Akademiska Sjukhuset

This autumn, Pharem Biotech has been conducting a pilot project together with Akademiska Sjukhuset in Uppsala along with Uppsala University to evaluate the effect of PCure in a hospital environment. Pharem would like to thank [...]

Pharem has been granted EU funding – Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase I

We are very pleased to announce that we have received €50,000 from Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase I for our submission of PFS innovation in wastewater treatment. Pharem has satisfied the requirements of a feasibility [...]

Pharem is awarded Innovation of the Year by Södertälje Science Park

We can proudly announce that Pharem has been awarded the Innovation of the Year by Södertälje Science Park for the development of the cost effective filtration system (PFS) that can break down pharmaceutical residues and organic [...]

Pharem Biotech´s CEO, Martin Ryen, receives the SKAPA Utvecklingsstipendium

Martin Ryen receives the SKAPA-stipend for the Uppsala region for his innovation of an enzyme based filter to remove pharmaceutical residues in sewage treatment plants. Motivation: Martin Ryen has, together with Pharem Biotech AB, developed [...]

Pharem Biotech has been granted 2,4 MSEK funding from Vinnova: Testbäddar för Miljöteknik

We are very excited to announce that Vinnova has granted Pharem 2,4 MSEK funding for their testbed in environmental technology (Testbäddar för miljöteknik). As part of the government's environmental technology strategy, Vinnova is committed to [...]