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Advanced enzymatic water treatment

Through Pharem´s patented platform technology we can develop enzyme solutions for treatment of organic micropollutants in almost any water environment. In combination with material development, immobilization- or releasemethods we create products and solutions that have high efficiency and require no added energy to be fully functional.

What we stand for

Deep-Tech Investments

Enzyme technologies and their applications are rapidly taking market shares. Already at early stages the technology can compete with older alternative technologies.

Passion for water

Our passion for water sustainability have driven us to develop the next generation treatment solutions. Enzyme technology is on the rise and will play a major role in protecting our waters.

Impact Investments

Create impact by investing in greener technologies that can solve water treatment challenges for all parts of society. Pharem products are used for municipal WWTPs, industries and regular housholds.

Emerging markets

The use of organic chemicals is increasing and the need for flexible and efficient water technologies is more important than ever before. With a growing need, comes opprtunitues and growth.

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Awards and recognitions

Through innovation and product development, Pharem have received several awards and recognitions.