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Zymatic – The only (en)zymatic sand

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Zymatic was created by merging the expertise and knowledge within three areas of technology: Enzymes, Enzyme immobilization and Material development.

The combination of enzymes, material and enzyme immobilisation techniques have resulted in a highly flexible water treatment material, the zymatic sand. Using a sand-like material allows for easy scalability and flexibility in both design and application.

By applying different enzyme types, different chemical treatment mechanisms can be added directly to the surface of the material. This enables an adaptation of the treatment technology and chemical treatment mechanisms based on the customers’ needs. In other words, with the help of the Zymatic platform technology, we can program the mechanisms of water treatment

The Zymatic solutions provide water treatment solutions based on a mixture of different chemical reaction mechanisms. This feature offers advances over many older and conventional water treatment methods that have only one reaction mechanism. In addition, Zymatic solutions can be adapted or upgraded to future needs without adding installation changes.